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High Potency B Complex & Vitamin C ( 60 Tablets)

All the benifits of vitamin B and vitamin C in one tablet

Yeast Free

B vitamins, are essential to help our body systems to operate efficiently.

B vitamins have a long list of functions, including maintaining a healthy heart, supporting mental performance and psychological function, as well as combating tiredness and fatigue by helping us to convert the food we eat into energy.

B vitamins also keep skin, hair and eyes in good condition.

B vitamins maintain the function of the nervous system, support immune health and help the formation of red blood cells, which take oxygen and nutrients to where they are needed.

Each Tablet Contains

Vit C 250mg  B1 50mg  B2 50mg  B3 50mg  B5 50mg  B6 50mg

B12 100mg  P.A.B.A. 50mg  Folic Acid 400 mcg  Biotin 50mcg

Choline 50mg  Inositol 50mg  

Vitamin B Complex & C

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