About Us

Barlows Herbalists was established in 1882 and is one of the few remaining practical dispensing herbalists in the country.

Situated in Burnley Lancashire, Barlows exists to serve the community and has now extended its services to the wider community of the world wide web.

During its 130 years history, Barlows has had just four owners.

Frank Barlow, his son Joe, Ted who married Eileen Barlow, daughter of Joe, and finally Brendan Salmon who has been at the helm for the last 30 years and is author of the best selling book, Nature's Secrets in health and vitality.

​Barlows is unlike a health food shop in that we hardly sell any health foods!

Herbal medicines, nutritional supplements and personal sevice are our speciality.

The staff are highly intelligent and well informed, and they will do their best to help you with our problems.

We also offer in-depth consultations using bioresonance equipment operated by our resident practitioner, Wendy Verstappen.


Please call 01282 423374 for free advice