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100 x 120mg Capsules


Co Q10 is an essential nutrient that is found in every plant and animal cell. it is a vital catalyst - a spark plug in the conversion of food to energy within the cells. Co Q10 releases 95% of the energy required for life. In fact, a deficiency of this nutrient can cause heart disease, hypertension and fatigue. Co Q10 is needed to process oxygen in cells and to generate energy rich molrcules. It is a powerful anti-oxidant preventing free radicalto the body's cells. Co Q10 also seems to protect againts hardening and furring up of the arteries. Low levels of Co Q10 mean that the cells do not receive all ther energy they need to function and are more likely to become diseased. After the age of 20, levels of Co Q10 start to decrease, being also less efficienty absorbed from the intestines. Co Q10 can also stimulate weight loss while increasing energy and decreasing fatigue. 

Co Enzyme Q10 120mg

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